Школа английского языка в Калининграде
Языковой клуб Оксфорд Хаус
ИП Кулаковская М.С. ул. Согласия, 46
пр-т Мира, 10
ул. Чайковского, 10

Марина Шелест

Марина ШелестEvery goal we set is achievable no matter how many obstacles there are to overcome. The perspective of me getting ready for such a complicated exam in six weeks scared me, but the support by the side of my parents and a sheer pleasure of working with teachers from Oxford House made it possible for the studying results of mine to be where they are today.

Personally I find the speaking part of the test more complex, as not only is it needed to use fancy vocabulary, but also to reflect on the topic in question. This very part of the exam necessitates everyday repetition under a strict control, which is to entail skills boost.

The approach of the teachers I worked with enabled me to feel confident, despite the fact that there was a lack of time for preparation. Although it all brought me a lot of stress, I appreciate such an experience, because there will always be a pleasant studying process to relish