Школа английского языка в Калининграде
Языковой клуб Оксфорд Хаус
ИП Кулаковская М.С. ул. Согласия, 46
пр-т Мира, 10
ул. Чайковского, 10

Арина Овчинникова

Арина ОвчинниковаI became an OH student three years ago. This was when I faced the approach to teaching I would call nothing else but an awesome one! At first I was in olympiad group led by Alex and last year I joined Maria’s group and started preparing for Exam (spoiler: I got 99 points). All this way through I’ve been working both on my English and on my communicative skills, supported by the kindest, most intelligent and most engaged teachers! I won some olympiads, passed an exam well, had a speaking boost and what is the most ‘Oxford-House’ thing is that I loved the process, loved challenges I faced, enjoyed special lessons dedicated to holidays and valued opportunities to speak to interesting people. For me OH is a place where people put their heart in their work and where you want to pay it back by working on yourself and becoming better!