Школа английского языка в Калининграде
Языковой клуб Оксфорд Хаус
ИП Кулаковская М.С. ул. Согласия, 46
пр-т Мира, 10
ул. Чайковского, 10

Арина Дербуш

Арина ДербушEducational year at Oxford House was great and one of a kind. Actually, without a sugar coating, I can say that Oxford House is second to none among all English schools I’ve ever heard. In the meantime that I have been studying there, my knowledge has been replenished a lot. I know I can speak English better and better every year, nevertheless some years ago I could only daydream about speaking English like now. And I’m so thankful to Sabina, the teacher, who can be fun, but she always knows about all our shenanigans. I am also thankful to Maria, super positive head teacher, who can tell you an exciting story anytime. In other words, Oxford House is a really cozy place, where you can improve your English level, and by the way, you should use your noodle at the classes.P.S. And sponsor of this story is Arina, the worst story teller ever)))